Direct Imports


Create a unique image that matches your clients

Exclusivity and margins are often the keys to success in a promotional campaign. At Servimarket, we are very aware of this and have been working with direct imports from Asia for over twenty years to provide you with a wide range of possibilities and offer you the best prices on the market. For us, quality is not incompatible with profitability.

Not only do we offer you an affordable product, we also provide you with our quality service, including a laboratory test, which will not only guarantee the quality of your product and its compliance with European health and environmental standards, but will also be the key to ensuring your peace of mind. Your client is our client! We assure you the highest quality standards at the best price.

Our extensive experience working with various manufacturers provides us with the security of meeting deadlines, without neglecting the quality of finishes and deliveries.

Our twenty years of experience will allow us to advise you on the best times and the best moments to launch your product and ensure that your client is surprised by the dynamism and flexibility of your brand. Ensure the success of your campaign without wasting time!

Do you have any doubts about the quality of the products or their finishes? We have the best manufacturers at your service to guarantee the quality and price of your products and ensure the success of your campaigns.. Trust in our experience!

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