Universal Cord for Mobiles

15 March, 2022

Universal Cord for Mobiles

Our universal cord for mobile phones is totally personalized, the logo of your company is included in the product with an embroidered label. In addition, it has a low cost, a great visual impact, it is very functional and comfortable to wear.

Available colors

Minimum order: 100 units.

Colors:  Lanyard customizable with reference pantone colors.

Works carried out with this product

Branding and printing area options

· Marking: Zones 1 and 3 can be customized with solid colors where we recommend not to include design. Zone 2 is the main customization zone and can be customized with both text and logos.


· Marking technique: embroidered label

· Print sizes: The label can be made larger with respect to the logo, our recommendation is the assigned measurements. Use readable text for logos.

Technical information


It is a very practical product, you will keep the phone protected and quickly accessible. It is a universal cord for all types of mobile, along with  its cards printed in full color. Ultra-thin inner stand is jerk and tear proof, supports wireless charging. As well as being able to carry other accessories in the same ring.


The braided cord has a dimension of 1600×6 mm in polyester, accompanied by a label with dimensions 68x45mm. In addition to a graphic cardboard of 300 grams, finished in gloss and double-sided with size 110x85mm in full color customized.


Presentación en caja

Gift box:

For Premium orders you can present them in a cardboard gift box. It can be printed in full color with your logo, with the minimum quantity being 2,500 units.

Presentación en bolsa

Plastic bag:

For economic orders you can add a custom packaging and add it to the small plastic bag, together to the personalized full-color card.

Further information

You can read more about the universal cord for custom mobiles in this post on our blog.