18 May, 2018
Semillas para regalo promocional


On first view, this clay ball may seem light and insignificant. Nobody would say that it may be the start of a revolution. Give the gift of nature and surprise your clients with this original gift.

Colours available

Any colour is possible. Provide us with your pantone colour and we will create balls in your company’s colours.

Works carried out with this product

Branding and printing area options

Área de impresión de semillas

· Printing area: 


One dose: Measurements: 30x85mm / Marking surface: 30x85mm (front); 30x85mm (back)

Two doses: Measurements: 60x90mm / Marking surface: 45x50mm (front); 45x50mm (back)

Five doses: Measurements: 100x60mm / Marking surface: 100x60mm (front); 100x60mm (back)

· Marking technique:  Printing in all colours.

Technical information


The SeedBoom are comprised of a mixture of clay, compost, a colourless ink in the middle and a good handful of seeds. These have been chosen so that the growth of some help the others to germinate, in such a way that, with time, love and a bit of water, you can enjoy a bit of green closer to home.

There are three families of seeds: aromatic, orchard and meadow flowers.


Clay ball with seeds inside and cardboard packaging.


The clay ball has a diameter of 1 cm.

The pack of one ball: 8.5 × 3 cm.

The pack of 2 balls: 9 x 6 cm.

The pack of 5 balls is12.5 x 7 cm.


Presented in a pack that may contain 2, 3 or 5 balls.

Seedboom monodosis

One dose pack: 

this is a single ball of seeds. For those who have enough with a single explosion of flowers.

Pack measurements: 30x85mm

Size of the ball: 1cm

Seedboom solidarias de Mapfre

Two dose pack: 

2 balls of seeds in a small package, easy to carry (and send) anywhere.

Pack measurements: 60x90mm

Size of the ball: 1cm

Seedboom pentadosis

Five dose pack: 

5 balls. Five colour bombs for five pots. For those who want to give the gift of nature in abundance.

Pack measurements: 100x60mm

This pack can be personalised in every colour on both sides.