Recycled sea plastics towel

15 December, 2020
Toalla hecha con plásticos del mar

Recycled Mediterranean Sea Plastics Towel

Promote your brand sustainably with our towel made from plastics collected from the Mediterranean Sea. This towel is made from recycled sea plastics (Seaqual) or post-consumer waste (Recover). This towel helps to clean our seas and reduce the plastics on our planet.

Works carried out with this product

Branding and printing area options

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· Manufacturing and marking technique: Finished in tasselled jacquard style. The towel’s weaving technique makes creating decorative patterns easy. The tailoring area depends on the size of the towel to be personalised. Therefore, a pre-production design will be made for each order.

· Print sizes: The same as the size of the towels. The available recycled towel sizes are: 70 x 140 cm, 70 x 150 cm, 100 x 150 cm, 100 x 160 cm and 100 x 170 cm.

Colours available

Product made with jacquard in two colours (white + colour). The recycled plastic or thread is off-white colour. The second colour thread is available in 20 different tones. If your campaign requires corporate colours, please contact us and we’ll take a look at your request*.

*For specific colours, a minimum quantity is required. This varies depending on model and colour.

Technical information


– Towel is made from recycled sea plastics or post-consumer plastics.

– Sustainable fabric.

– The fabric has a thick, resistant appearance, suitable for any use.

– Made in Europe.

Production process: Fishermen collect the plastic from their fishing nets. Plastic bottles are selected for recycling. Bottles are transformed into small plastic beads. The plastic beads are then converted into recycled plastic thread. During the weaving phase, the recycled plastic threads are mixed with recycled cotton yarn. The fabric is not dyed to save water and energy, rounding off the environmentally friendly process. Learn more about the production process via this link.


40% recycled polyester PET yarn and 60% recycled cotton.


Towels are available in 5 sizes:

70 x 140 cm

70 x 150 cm

100 x 150 cm

100 x 160 cm

100 x 170 cm


The product complies with all approved EC use regulations and has the following certificates: Global Recycled Standard, SCS Certified and OEKO’TEX Standard 100.


Towels are rolled up individually and presented with a fabric bow. Option to include a 5 x 8 cm recycled paper label with brand or advertising information. This has an additional cost that varies depending on the order size.

Toalla reciclada gris oscura