Mobile phone bracket for the car

18 May, 2018

The mobile phone bracket is an item that is designed to place a mobile phone in the car quickly, simply, safely, conveniently, within reach and always close to the driver.

Colours available

Minimum order of 150 units.

Stock colours from 150 to 3000 units: Black and White.

For orders over 3000 units: Blue

For orders over 5000 units: pantone colours.

Works carried out with this product

Branding and printing area options

· Printing dimensions:From 2.6cm to 3cm in diameter (according to the design to be created).

· Printing technique: Special serigraph for silicone and rubber.

Technical information


This bracket is placed on any air vent and adapts to all cars. The sheet has an adhesive to attach it to the mobile or its cover and the bracket is attached to the vent. By simply approaching your mobile to the bracket, it will attach itself and remain in place. Using it will help you to ensure road safety.


Rubber. Finished in reinforced silicone with an interior metal structure. Interior metal structure with four powerful magnets. The rear has a rigid ABS with 4 tabs to attach it to any vent.


The product is comprised of two parts:

Magnetic bracket

Measurements: 4.5cm in diameter x 3.5cm in depth. Once attached to the vent, the bracket will remain in place and the protruding part will have a thickness of 1.2cm.

Marking area: 2.6cm in diameter.

Round metal sheet: 3.5cm in black with adhesive to attach it to the mobile phone or its cover. Once attached, you will only have to approach your phone to the bracket and it will remain attached. Thanks to the powerful magnets, your mobile will be protected from falling.


1. In a bag:

Soporte para móvil Randstad packaging

Presented in a polyester bag with adjustable strings in the following colours: yellow, blue, white, pink, orange, black, red and green. This bag can be personalised in a serigraph transfer in 1 to 2 colours.

*If presented in a bag, a card with the usage instructions can also be included.

2. In a box:

Soporte de coche para móvil Packaging

Fully personalised cardboard box. 350 grams matte coated box with an interior tray that has been tailor-made for the bracket.